Do you fancy love? Do you want to smile and enjoy? Dreaming, empathizing and admiring? Broaden your mind? Then this is your book. It is full of photos and stories of people with unique love relationships. An intimate insight into what moves others to connect.

Sometimes it will evoke recognition, other times surprise and then interest again. Maybe it will give you ideas. Love multiplies when you share it. If you open this book, you will participate.


Petra van Velzen (photographer) and Manon Brinkman (writer) share a love for diversity and authenticity. Petra exhibited her portrait series on gender diversity, Gender Free Zone. Manon published her book on authenticity inspired by role models. They are combining their strengths in this photo book.

What seems special or strange to one person is ordinary to the other and vice versa. Be aware of that, say Petra and Manon. Then you can look at each other openly. As long as you do not hurt anyone with your love and it is based on mutual consent, that is one of the most beautiful things. All those different variations of love in various jackets. That is Love Spectrum. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for love.

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